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6 life-changing courses. 110 total videos. Journaling questions. Small group guides.  Catholics have found their new favorite place to grow in their faith! 


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In general, these courses are meant to enable everyone to grow in their personal faith, but to also help others grow in their faith too!  Here's a quick list: 

  • RISE - Great for groups of men.
  • As We Forgive Those - This deals with sensitive parts of our past, so maybe take the course first on your own. 
  • RENEWED - This is for married couples, so of course it's not just for one spouse! 🤣
  • Fearless - Excellent for small groups. 
  • I Am - Take on your own, but very helpful if you take this course with friends. 
  • Living Joy - Our #1 course of all time. This is used by individuals, but also used for prayer groups at home or at your parish. 

Each course is unique: 

  • RENEWED is 21 videos
  • I AM is 30 videos 
  • Fearless is 7 videos 
  • As We Forgive is 4 videos 
  • Living Joy is 19 videos 
  • RISE is 30 videos. 

Your free trial period is 7 days. After that, you'll continue to have access to all six courses for $14.95 / month. 

Living Joy is a great place to begin! 


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